Used 60″ Black Hunter Takedown Recurve Bow Left Hand 30 LBS Left Hand Bows Wooden Riser Hunting Bow for Adults Target Practice


  • A recurve bow specially made for left hand archery enthusiasts. This recurve bow can be used with the left hand, grip with the right hand, pull the string with the left hand, and use the left eye to determine the perfect target arrow.
  • The limbs are made of bamboo core and glass fiber, and the German lamination technology is introduced to provide the best toughness and strength for the bow.
  • The riser is made of technical wood, with a smooth surface and durable, the riser has a perfect ergonomic design, and the arc of the riser is more conducive to the control of the bow. Good support for the palm.
  • The takedown recurve bow is easy to use and carry, quickly assembles and disassembles in 2-3 minutes and fits easily into a backpack. You can also change limbs to add or subtract weight for your practice.
  • Left hand recurve bows offer 20-60lbs of pull and are great not only for beginners, but also for professional archers.

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Please note that this is a second-hand bow before buying, but it will not affect the normal use.


Brand: Black Hunter
Item Name: 60″ takedown recurve bow
Dexterity: Left Hand
Draw weight:20-60 lbs
Bow length: 60inch
Bowstring: 145cm/57inch (Dyneema string material )
Bow handle length: 15 inch
Max draw length: 30 inch
Brace height: 7.5 inch/18cm-20cm
Bow riser color: Blue
Bow riser material: High-density engineered wood
Bow limb material: fiberglass and bamboo core
Bow Limb technology: Lamination
Net weight: About 1kg

1.Visually beautiful, solid design.Ergonomically designed.
2.High quality recurve bow, easy to assemble and shoot.
3.Easy to assemble, and it is very durable.
4.Suitable for beginners, while great for advanced shooters.

User notice:
1.This bow is a left hand bow, the left hand bow is grip riser with the right hand, and pull the string with the left hand. Please choose and buy according to your own needs.
2.Only use this product in a suitable archery range.
3.It is forbidden to hold the arrow to the person.
4.Never dry fire the bow (shooting without an arrow).
5.Do not exceed the draw weight, or it will damagethe limbs.

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