Obert Used 25LBS Black Hunter 60 Inch Archery Takedown Recurve Bow Set Right Hand Bamboo Core Limb


[Recurve Bow] Bow Length: 60 inch, String Length: 57 inch, Brace Height: 7.5 inch, Handle Length: 15 inch, Draw Length: 28 inch, Weight: 1kg.

[Bow Riser] Made of high-density technical wood, which makes the whole bow light in weight and guarantees good hardness. Ergonomically designed with impressive rounded edges and a fine finished wooden handle, extremely comfortable grip.

[Bow Limbs & Bow String] Made of high-elastic fiberglass and bamboo laminates, light, elastic and strong, making it the perfect core to offer the ideal combination of durability, stability and speed. Bow string made of Dyneema professional string material, more delicate and durable.

[Easy to Assemble and Disassemble] You can change the bow limbs to increase or decrease the draw weight to practice. The best choice for beginners and professionals shooting, hunting practice & competition.

[Packing List] 1 * bow riser, 2 * bow limbs, 1 * bow string, 1 * wrench, 2 * screws with washers, 1 * square leather arrow rest, 1 * bow stringer, 2 * rabbit hair bow string silencers, 2 * triangular leather arrow rest, 1 * arm guard, 1 * finger guard

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Please note that this is a Used bow, but it will not affect the normal use.


– Name: takedown recurve bow
– Bow Length: 60 inch
– String Length: 57 inch
– Draw Length: 28 inch
– Handle Length: 15 inch
– Brace Height: 7.5 inch
– Dexterity: Right Hand
– Bowstring Material: Dyneema professional string material
– Handle Material: High density technology wood
– Bow Limbs Material: Fiberglass epoxy sheet and bamboo sheet laminated
– Bow Weight: about 1kg

This archery bow is right handed. Right Handed Bows are held in the left hand and drawn with the right hand. The arrow shelf is on the left side of the bow. We also have left handed bow, if you need, please leave message to us.

1. Bow Riser, Limbs and Bowstring are 100% original Black Hunter. The riser is very sturdy and limbs are excellent. Great performance after testing for many times.
2. Comes with wrench and screws, it’s easy to assemble the bow together.
3. With stringer, easy to install the string.

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