Used 30lbs Black Hunter Hunting Recurve Bow Set with Arm Guard for Adult (Only this one promotion)


  • 30 pound used hunting recurve bow, nearly 90% new, promotional clearance inventory, with arm guards and bow stringer.
  • Total length: 60″, length of string: 57″. Brace Height: 7-8 “, Draw Weight (lbs.): 20-60 lbs,Maximum draw distance: 30 inch,Right hand bow: Left hand nest bow, right hand pull bowstring.
  • The very ergonomic solid wood bow riser is designed to fit everyone’s hand very well regardless of hand size, long time archery and hunting, your hand will not feel sore, very helpful for precise aiming, the bow riser vibrates very little and the noise is very quiet.
  • The limbs are made of fiberglass bamboo maple laminate technology with two pieces of highly resilient fiberglass on the front and back of the limbs, offering a combination of strength and durability and the ability to provide excellent projectile power.
  • The Black Hunter Recurve Hunting Bow is well made with every detail carefully handled, the riser is smooth for a comfortable grip, and the nesting grooves at the tips of the limbs are polished so smooth that they won’t wear out the bowstring.

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